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Hey, what's up? 
Alright, cool, cool.


Ok, let's cut to the chase - we know why you're here.

Has a clickbait title ever enticed you to share something dubious? Have you ever participated in social media doom thread and failed to come up with the best argument to win? Have you ever delivered a CRITICAL rebuttal to your boomer grandparents?  Want to avoid being destroyed by FACTS&LOGIC in online arguments?

Well, we have just the right answer for you!


Find out your critical thinking skill level with these 24 multiple choice questions! 

Choose your language to start the test!

Test includes:

  • classic boomer sayings

  • Kanye West lyrics

  • Twitch drama

  • good vibes

  • Shrek

Test doesn't include:

  • boring textbook examples

  • homework & math

  • Zoom

  • the 20th century

  • authority

Picture 1.png

Test Levels:

1. novice
2. almost there
3. you did ok
4. silver surfer
5. child genius
6. wut??

Latvian Debate Association "Quo tu domā?". All rights reserved.

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