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Debate Leader School

Informal education project organised by the Latvian Debate Association "QUO Tu doma?" and supported by the British Council Latvia, the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia and the Stockholm Schools of Economics in Riga.

What is Debate Leader School?

Since year 2016, the Latvian Debate Association "QUO Tu doma?" has been inviting students and teachers to participate in the project "Debate Leader School". Each year more than 20 schools from all around Latvia are chosen for the project. During the project students and teachers acquire such debate skills as argumentation, public speech, critical thinking, media literacy, introduction to economics and politics and much more.

Future leader

In addition to participation in the lectures and workshops, participants are given an opportunity to meet influential people from various fields (economics, media, business and more). For example, in year 2017 participants had an opportunity to meet Ernests Stals, founder of the techhub Riga; Inga Springe, journalists and founder of the investigative journalism center Re:Baltica. In addition to that, participants are given an opportunity to meet acclaimed debaters and debate coaches from all around Europe during international debate tournaments. 

How can I participate?

Application for the project opens at the end of August. At the moment fourth year of the project has started - "Debate Leader School 2019/2020". All lectures are in English language. Participants meet once a month (in projects, which were organised from 2016 until 2019) and once in two months in this year's project. Students aged from 15 until 19 years are invited to participate in the project. Each school is represented by 2 students and 1 teacher. If you are interested to participate in the project, follow our social media and/or get in touch with us. 

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